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New artist highlights Hollywood with help from African heritage LOS ANGELES, CA – Emeka Peter – stage name Elis King – is a singer, so...

New artist highlights Hollywood with help from African heritage
LOS ANGELES, CA – Emeka Peter – stage name Elis King – is a singer, songwriter, producer,
rapper and businessman who has a world of music knowledge at his fingertips.
Raised in Africa and America, Elis King grew up in three different African nations before
eventually moving to the U.S. to pursue a music career. His grandparents migrated from
Jamaica to America. His mother was a recording artist in the 1970s and 80s who was actively
looking to be signed with EMI Studio in Lagos and worked as a recording artist. She later got a
music deal with Tabansi Recording in the mid 80s, during which time she met Elis King’s father.
But even after becoming a mother, she never gave up on her music career, and from the
moment he was born, Elis King said he was destined to follow in her footsteps.
“Literally almost from the moment I was born my mom had me into music,” he said. “She was a
singer and would bring me with her to the studio. She was really into music, and as a result I
have always loved music. It was literally put into me from the moment I was created.”
Today Elis King works as a recording artist, just like his mother, albeit in the thriving music
scene of Hollywood, California. In fact, his new single, “Hollywood Beauty,” is a song that he
dedicates to his new home town and the culture that thrives all around him.
“It’s a song that talks about how beautiful California is,” he said. “I’m talking about the state’s
weather, and sunshine, and how it’s really pretty. It’s the perfect place to live. Everything that
you’d expect from California is right here in Hollywood, and you’ll see that in the music video.”
That song and video should be released soon. But in the meantime, Elis King said he has
another recently released single called “Sexy Body” that is lighting up the West Coast. Quickly
becoming a staple in clubs all throughout LA, “Sexy Body” is a hard-cord rap/pop fusion that
taps into the rock genre. It’s a song that Elis King said has been embraced by bikers around
town, but he said it’s one that anyone who enjoys a pretty woman will love.
“It’s pretty simple,” he said. “It’s a song that talks about sexy bodies and pretty women. When
people hear it, I want them to think of a hard-core party guy. I want people to see me as
someone creating a new style of music. It may not sound familiar, but if you give it a chance
you’ll recognize African beats with pop, rap and rock all infused together. It’s a party song for
night clubs and strip clubs – especially when you play it and watch how the ladies are rolling on
the pole, shaking their ass. That’s what you are going to see from the music video coming out
Elis King also expressed that he is dedicating the song “Sexy Body” in appreciation of all the
pretty women out there by means of bringing back the love and respect that has been taken
away in recent times. He hopes the song will encourage men to love and trust their girls, ladies,
and moms to make a better home and future to all in love.

To listen to Elis King’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

New York Hip-Hop Artist Tmmyx is Making Major Moves in 2018 LOS ANGELES, CA – When it comes to hip-hop music, Tmmyx has been all abou...

New York Hip-Hop Artist Tmmyx is Making
Major Moves in 2018
LOS ANGELES, CA – When it comes to hip-hop music, Tmmyx has been all
about it ever since he could remember. At a young age, he discovered the world
of hip-hop, and instantly felt connected to it. He would often dream about
becoming a major rapper one day, and as he grew older, he stayed dedicated to
making that a reality. One thing always remained the same no matter what was
happening in his life: his ultimate love for everything that hip-hop was.
As Tmmyx continued to pursue his musical dreams, he kept working in a behind
the scenes way. The artist wanted to keep things “on the low”, mostly due to the
fact that he didn’t know how people would respond. “If you are not huge, people
don’t always accept it,” said Tmmyx. “When I was in my younger years, I didn’t
want to show people what I was doing. But, then I got older and didn’t care as
much. So, I started telling people what I was working on.” After making this public
knowledge, the rapper began to see how things started lining up for him so
easily. He began linking up with fellow artists and producers, and knew this was
the beginning of something pivotal within his hip-hop career.
At this point, Tmmyx can’t see himself doing anything else. He often thinks about
how scary it can be when an artist dedicates their whole life to one thing.
Currently, the artist is placing a huge emphasis on focusing his energy on
singles. “I have some planned mixtapes on the back burner. I’m just focused on
building my brand right now,” said Tmmyx. His single, a remix to the hit “Jocelyn
Flores” by XXXTENTACION, has been doing impressive numbers on
SoundCloud since the release over two months ago. Building on that success,
his most recent single, “Back Down”, will be sure to have the streets hot.
Looking ahead, the artist has huge goals for himself in which he works everyday
to achieve. “I would love to really live off music, and take it to the next level. I feel
like I’m doing things on a whole other level. My vibe is so unique because it
touches every genre of hip-hop. I can do anything you ask, so I’m versatile with
my sound,” said the artist. In telling his own story through his lyrics and
discussing life events he’s encountered, he finds his fans can easily relate to him.
After starting his own brand, BM Music Group, he has enjoyed living through the
rapid growth in his career, such as performing at shows for Power 105.1. Tmmyx
is not afraid to put in the work, which is very telling of his impressive career thus

Make sure to follow Tmmyx on his social media sites below, and stay tuned for
his upcoming projects!

Pop Starlet Ja’Nelle Brown Releases Newest Single “Say It” ST. LOUIS, MO – Ja'Nelle Brown is a star who is quickly on the rise....

Pop Starlet Ja’Nelle Brown Releases
Newest Single “Say It”

ST. LOUIS, MO – Ja'Nelle Brown is a star who is quickly on the rise. Ever since
she was a little girl, the singer has always had a fervent interest in music. In fact,
watching the hit Disney show Hannah Montana led her even closer to her
musical dreams. She looked up to major pop artists like Britney Spears, after the
singer’s uncle would often show her the pop star’s music videos. It didn’t take
much for her to take the first step, and by the age of eight, she enrolled in a
performing arts summer camp. “I really wanted to perform for my mom without
her knowing,” said the singer. “So when I decided to sing a song by Lady Gaga, I
shocked my mom. She had no idea I could sing at that level!”
Pretty soon, Brown began developing a passion for all aspects of music through
taking both piano and singing lessons. Her genuine love and appreciation for
music continued to grow, and she truly never looked back. As she furthered her
singing career, she began to release her original songs via Spotify and iTunes.
What’s so unique about Brown is how she believes in incorporating a visual
aspect with each record she puts out. After releasing her single “Evolutionary
Love”, she realized how quickly her musical dreams were coming to life through
hard work and consistent dedication.
The talented singer recently released her hit single “Say It”, which is a song for
just about anyone. “The song is saying, ‘I want you to tell me that you love me’.
It’s hard for people to communicate their feelings, especially these days. Things
would be much easier if we all just said how we feel,” said Brown. When it comes
to her sound, Brown is very versatile, and enjoys incorporating a variety of
sounds into her music. Her single “In My Feelings” generates a more Caribbean
feel, while others typically bring forth a “pop” vibe. Basically, whatever Brown
puts her hands-or singing voice- to, is always an instant sensation.
As far as motivation is concerned, Brown owes it all to her mother. “My biggest
motivator is my mother. She has always pushed me to be the best person I can
be. She’s always ready to help with whatever I want to do, and I’m very thankful
for her,” said Brown. Looking ahead, the singer hopes to be in a place where she
is a household name. What’s so refreshing is how her goal is to make people
happy when they listen to her music, while influencing their emotions overall.
Brown is consistently putting forth good energy into the world, and her artistic
craft is living proof of what a rare gem she is in this industry.
Make sure to follow Ja’Nelle Brown on her social media sites below, and stay
tuned for her upcoming music videos!

For Booking: Contact ShamTrakStarz / interstellarrmusic@gmail.com

San Diego native DaygoSmoove reps city, hip-hop genre with hot new sound SAN DIEGO, CA – When Kenny Whiteside was growing up in Sa...

San Diego native DaygoSmoove reps city, hip-hop genre
with hot new sound

SAN DIEGO, CA – When Kenny Whiteside was growing up in San Diego, California, it was a
regular occurrence for his mother to play music around the house. She would play reggae and
calypso so often that he often knew the lyrics backwards and forwards.

A few years later, while living for a time in New York City, he was introduced to the Wu Tang
Clan and The Fugees. When he heard the song “Bring the Pain,” he knew he wanted to rap. And
shortly after that, while watching music videos from artists like Jay Z and Master P, he started
to dream about what it would be like to create music at a level so extraordinary that one day he
would take the stage to receive awards.

“I wanted to own my own label and tour the world while making good music that people would
live with,” he said. “I would watch those awards shows and see myself winning a Best New
Artist or Best Album award when they would call the names. And today my confidence is what
drives me to do this professionally. Many people may try to knock you off your pivot when
you’re on your way – or even after you’ve achieved success. But I just stay humble, like K Dot

Today Whiteside is known as DaygoSmoove – a name he adapted as homage to his hometown
of San Diego and his unique sound and style. A self-proclaimed ambassador for the city often
referred to as “Daygo,” Smoove wants to put together a career that he used to dream about as
a young boy. And with each new song, EP and album, he gets once step closer to realizing that

His latest project is a single called “Concrete Rose.” It’s the first song off a new album that he
hopes to release in the first half of 2018. The name of the song was inspired from the poem
“The Rose That Grew From Concrete” by Tupac Shakur. Smoove said Tupac is his favorite artist,
and he tries to model his work ethic after the hip-hop legend’s. This song, for instance, is the
result of many hours of hard work and craftsmanship.

“it’s about wanting things and knowing you’re not in a position to get them,” Smoove said of
the single. “It’s about working through the setbacks that come with that – the lost time and
money and resources and whatever you sacrifice to get what it is you want to manifest in the
physical. It’s about making a way out of situations in which there seems to be no way out. I
think it’s a chill record and definitely something to ride to.”

Featured on the single is Southern California artist Lorine Chia, who lends her vocal talents on
the hook and is rapidly shooting through the industry with projections to be one of hip-hop’s
hottest new vocalists. Smoove said he was fortunate to be able to collaborate with her, and is
doubly glad to have been part of a process that he said harkens back to the golden years of hip-

“I respect hip-hop,” he said. “My respect for the ones who paved the way for me means I gotta
do my duty when I’m called upon. When some of the artists I look up to drop a project, it makes
me want to go into the studio and write or just go off the dome. I feel like I’m good enough to
stand with those guys. I know the game is hurting for lyricism, and the void can’t just be filled
by Kendrick or J Cole or Joyner Lucas. We need a vast amount of talented cats who can get busy
on the mic. I want to be part of the movement of new hip-hop artists who help bridge that

To listen to DaygoSmoove’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:


Boogie Noche combines trap with boom-bap on new album, ‘Darker Nights’ BROOKLYN, NY – Boogie Noche likes fun music. His unique...

Boogie Noche combines trap with boom-bap on
new album, ‘Darker Nights’

BROOKLYN, NY – Boogie Noche likes fun music.

His unique trap and “boom-bap” sound combines with a larger-than- life persona in a one-of- a-
kind artist who is lighting up the East Coast with his new music. Though he’s spent more than a
decade in the industry – grinding it out and riding a wave of success – he knows that the launch
of his new album, “Darker Nights,” will put him on the map in ways he’s never before seen.

“Basically we’re all looking for success and sometimes you have to go through rough things to
get there,” he said. “That’s what this album is all about. It’s not always a good night
– sometimes we have darker nights. And this album uses diverse sounds to explore some of
those themes. There are five boom-bap records on it and the rest are trap. And throughout it all
I’m getting lyrical and having fun with the music.”

The main single from the album is a song called “I Got Rhythm.” It’s the perfect example of one
of his “boom-bap” songs, and features a classic 88 Jay-Z sample on it. Boogie Noche said he
turns to a little of a trap beat toward the middle of the song, and the outro also feature a bit of
trap. And at the end of the day it’s one of those songs that people will just love to have fun with
and listen to over and over again.

“It sounds dope,” he said. “I was just flexin flows and putting it on for Brooklyn. It’s one of those
tracks where I’m just going off, and I gotta let you know I got it. And like with all of my music, I
just want people to relate – even those people who aren’t at the same level. We’re all the
same, no matter where we are around the globe. We can all relate on a certain level. But most
especially if you’re down with hip-hop, then we can probably get down together.”

Boogie Noche said that though he loves to have fun, he’s also grounded and can spit with a lot
of different flows while discussing a wide variety of topics. He never wants to stick to the same
formula from record-to- record. That’s why he’s constantly trying new flows and listening to
other sounds within the industry to try to stay at the level that keeps him mainstream, while
still pushing the envelope with creativity.

“And I give them my flavor,” he said of his music. “I’m lyrical and flow-wise I do some
harmonizing and some singing. I’m not a young guy in the game, but that doesn’t mean I can’t
keep up with them. I sound completely different from a lot of people, and I have definitely
developed my own lane. I love commercial, underground, and all angles and aspects of hip-hop.
I dip and dive and try to make what I’m good at and then mix it all together.”

To listen to Boogie Noche’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:


Faceless is a veteran rap artist with 10 years of experience and 4 mixtapes to his credit. He's known for writing catchy hook...

Faceless is a veteran rap artist with 10 years of experience and 4 mixtapes to his credit. He's known for writing catchy hooks and clever rhymes throughout his verses. He's finally ready to push his talent to the limits. He has the ability to story tell, rap about the streets, stunt, and even some of his love escapades. He's back with his latest Ghetto Heaven Records release "Flexin"

Check it out on Spotify.

Follow for more on Twitter @Ghettoheaven

Fire New Khan Gang Single "Go Crazy"! Purchase on #iTunes FOLLOW @_williamyoung_ @populahdaman @slimjackson5 @finesse704 @s...

Fire New Khan Gang Single "Go Crazy"! Purchase on #iTunes

FOLLOW @_williamyoung_ @populahdaman @slimjackson5 @finesse704 @shamzpachino