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NAVY service members use mutual love of hip- hop to form rap duo PartNa EnCryme NORFOLK, VA – Marcus Allen and Adom Lutalo are two rap...

NAVY service members use mutual love of hip-
hop to form rap duo PartNa EnCryme
NORFOLK, VA – Marcus Allen and Adom Lutalo are two rap-lovers who never thought they’d find kindred souls while stationed at a NAVY base in Great Lakes, Illinois. Allen, who hails from North Carolina, has always loved hip-hop and said it’s been his dream since a young boy to have a career as a successful musician. Lutalo, who was raised in Tampa, Florida, said he, too, was drawn to the arts an early age and began writing rhymes at the age of 9. But it wasn’t until early 2018, when the two were stationed together while serving with the NAVY, that they discovered their mutual love for hip-hop and a natural blending of talent that would lead them to form the rap group PartNa EnCryme.
“We’re trying to bring old-school vibes back with a new-school twist,” Allen said. “We lean toward rappers like Common and Redman and Method Man who have that old-school boom-bap with an East Coast hip-hop swag. We want to be passionate and create music that will last with people for a long time. We’d love for our music to be on TV shows or animation, or just in places where anyone who listens to it can know that the lyrics mean something and aren’t just a flash that everyone will forget.”
Their new single, “For The World,” is a perfect example of the type of music PartNa EnCryme is brining to the music industry. That old-school/new- school fusion is exemplified with a little jazz, hip-hop vibe laced with catchy lyrics and a driving beat. It’s a song that says, “We don’t really care what the world thinks about us, we just do what we want.” Allen said he hopes it becomes somewhat of an anthem for others in the world who need the encouragement to chase their dreams and be persistent through hardship.
Allen said he also hopes to bring a heightened cultural awareness to the world through his music. As a student of history with a concentration in Africa during college at Winston Salem State, Allen said he feels strongly about helping others understand where they come from and what their legacy says about their world. He hopes that his music career affords him opportunities to travel the world, and some day he’d love to be able to explore parts of Africa that he studied in college and learn about the origins of so many of the things in his life that he holds dear.
“Everything I want to do with my life is expressed in my music,” he said. “But I also do other things that allow me to express myself. I write comedy and screenplays. I love filmmaking and really would love to be a documentarian someday – working with National Geographic to document things from past African cultures. But right now I’m excited about the music and what Adom and I can do together. I hope people check us out and see this WuTang Clan kind of vibe we’ve got going on and will want more of it.”

Eezy Money rises from the ashes of a rough past to emerge as hip-hop’s newest voice WASHINGTON, D.C. – Every now and then the hip-hop...

Eezy Money rises from the ashes of a rough past to
emerge as hip-hop’s newest voice
WASHINGTON, D.C. – Every now and then the hip-hop industry is introduced to a rapper who personifies that struggle of the streets. Eezy Money is hip-hop’s most recent embodiment of that struggle.
His new EP, “1 st Come 1 st Serve” is a nod to that struggle and a plea to other young men to avoid the same pitfalls that he fell into through a life of drugs and crime.
Hailing from Washington, D.C., Eezy found himself knee-deep in the hard life that comes from living in the neighborhoods of northeast D.C. He was involved in drugs and found himself in prison by age 17. He’d always been good with words and loved rap, however, and during his time in jail he worked on his craft as a musician. When he was released, he had a body of work that attracted a record executive with Keeplock Entertainment, which offered him a record deal. Things looked promising, but Eezy couldn’t find his way out of the street life and he soon landed in a prison a second time. This time he was there for two years. When he got out, he asked to be released from his record deal and started from scratch to rebuild his reputation as a musician.
“Before I went to prison I was about to take off,” he said. “But when I got out of that contract I was frustrated with how the music industry wasn’t moving fast enough. I got back on the streets because I needed money, but I was saving music that I knew I’d be able to release some day.”
Unfortunately, the street life caught up with him yet again and he went to prison a third time, this time for a stint of four years. Now, newly released from that prison sentence and fully ready to embrace a changed life, Eezy said his new EP is something that he hopes will not only put him on the map as a legitimate rapper, but also testify to other young rappers from the street how to do life the right way.
“This whole project is about how the way the (music) game is going right now, and it’s not how it’s supposed to go,” he said. “It’s not just the music, but the people in general. I see what people are doing right now, and a lot of them aren’t doing it the right way. There shouldn’t be guns in videos and drugs and just a lot of things that rappers are putting out right now that aren’t cool. Those aren’t codes you should live by – trust me, I know.”
Eezy said he hopes people will hear his music and not only give their lives a hard look and maybe second thoughts about the negative lifestyles they’re living, but also be inspired by his persistence through life and encouraged by how he never gave up on his dream of being a professional musician.

To listen to Eezy Money’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Snapchat: eezymoney202

Swag and groove mingle with natural talent with new artist Trellz$ellz FRESNO, CA – Trellz$ellz is back with new music for the world a...

Swag and groove mingle with natural talent with new artist Trellz$ellz
FRESNO, CA – Trellz$ellz is back with new music for the world and is bringing his upbeat, positive vibes to an industry that is hungry for feel-good music. Sometimes compared to the early years of Kanye West, Trellz$ellz is a musician on a mission to inspire others to have fun and let loose. His new EP, “Apply The Pressure,” is his latest vehicle for transporting that message to a wider fan-base.
“The title refers to the things that are required to make something move forward,” he said. “If you have the key in the ignition, you have to push it to get the car to move. You have to apply pressure. You have to apply your foot to the pedal and apply pressure to get the car to go. My brain is the vehicle and I have to drive it to do the things I want to do and achieve the things I want to achieve.”
The five-song EP is homage to that way of thinking. It features party songs, love songs, chill songs, and even a song for a younger audience to listen to and be inspired to get involved in the community.
The lead-off single and intro to the EP is a song called “Go.” Appropriate to the theme of the project, it’s a song that details the setbacks in Trellz’s life – including a period where he found himself homeless and broke – and the journey he’s taken to get where he is today. The song talks about the grind that it takes to be successful, and how even when times got tough and he faced new challenges, Trellz always had the attitude of “go, go, go.”
“When that green light hits, it’s time for you go to it,” he said. Another feature single from the album is a song called “On The Chase” which has recently been added to his library of music that has collected nearly 5 million plays on his SoundCloud page already.  It, too, is a song talking about being on the bottom and going through the struggle and grind to try to build something for himself and his family.
Other songs on the EP showcase Trellz’s fun side. Growing up in a gifted family, Trellz always stood out among his classmates as a class clown. And though he was often bullied for his weight when he was younger, he’s grown into an adult who uses that natural gift of entertaining to become one of the premier musicians in the country.
“I’m always going to put something out there that makes people feel good and inspired,” he said. “My unique sound draws people in and keeps them happy. If you’re having a bad day, you can turn my music on and turn things around. I hope I make the kind of music that when people hear it they’re gonna know that everything is gonna be alright. So get ready, because this is just the beginning.”

MarKaus releases new video "Riot Gear (Part One)"  from  DEFT  on  Vimeo . Today I bring you a new visual from Des Moines...

Today I bring you a new visual from Des Moines rapper “MarKaus” for his latest single Riot Gear Part OneMarKaus brings the heat on Riot Gear part One, this is a hitta for the Boom Bap Hip-Hop lovers! 

He approaches hip hop as rebellion and revolution from a conscious rap perspective, drawing musical influence from TechN9ne, Nas, and Gucci Mane, accented with tinges of rock, soul and jazz which can be heard throughout his single Riot Gear. 

MarKaus is ready for the world to hear his new music, “I’m charged up,” the Fresh Fest co-founder and 80/35 Music Festival alum said. “It’s dope when an album comes out because you start recording new shit. The anxiety of an album coming out makes me wanna record new shit.” 

After bumpin Riot Gear Part One I'm ready for more music from the kid! You already know how to stay in tune to get more music, and see what MarKaus got going on! 

Twitter: @MarKausMF
Instagram: @MarKausMF
Facebook: MarKaus

Stack Bundles’ life and legacy is put on display through tribute album, feature-length film QUEENS, NY – Rayquon “Stack Bundles” Elli...

Stack Bundles’ life and legacy is put on display through
tribute album, feature-length film
QUEENS, NY – Rayquon “Stack Bundles” Elliott was one of the most promising up-and- coming hip-hop artists of the early 2000s, but his potential was cut short when he was shot and killed on June 11, 2007 in the lobby of the housing complex in which he was living. Though he never had a chance to release his own full album, he did collaborate with many notorious rappers of the day and recorded as many as 600 of his own songs over the course of his short career.
That body of work is about to be put on full display through a series of films and music projects under the direction of the Stack Bundles Estate. His uncle, King Baby Don, his father, Papa Ray, and his former manager, Mike Dot, have formed a team that is producing, marketing and promoting a handful of Stack Bundles projects that will include never-before- released music, a feature-length film, short-films and videos, merchandise and a tribute tour.
First on the docket is a short-film called “Why Ask Why,” directed by King Baby Don, which has already been released on YouTube. It’s a film that King Baby Don said will highlight Stack Bundles’ contribution to the hip-hop industry and how his unique sound and style were a turning point in the early 2000s for rap music.
“He was responsible for a lot of things in the hip-hop industry,” King Baby Don said. “This short-film is a true story on what he was going through when he wrote his music – from trying to stay away from the drug game and getting away from the streets.”
Stack Bundles died at the age of 24, but before that he had made a name for himself in the underground Entertainment world. He was a powerful recording artist, fashion icon, producer and performer who had the respect of many in the industry. He started his career as a teenage recording artist with Lupe and 1 & 15 Records in Chicago. After that didn’t pan out, he returned home to New York and started working with Byno, Core 2G and the late Chinx Drugs – all of whom formed the group Riot Squad. This work got him recognition from DJ Clue and a contract with Desert Storm Records – joining other artists such as Fabolous and Joe Budden. He started gaining more fame on the mixtape circuit, where he would entertain thousands of fans around the country on Smack DVDs. Stack Bundles went on to help Jim Jones with his platinum-selling album “P.O.M.E.,” which contains the hit singles “Ballin” and “Weather Man.” Stack Bundles recorded “Weather Man” with Jones and Lil Wayne. He also toured the country with Jim Jones during the Street Dream Tour.
The music he recorded along the way will be featured on a tribute tour set to be released through Stack Bundles Estate. The launch event is slated for April 20 at the Oracle Lounge in Brooklyn. King Baby Don said he’s excited for people to finally hear Stack Bundles’ music because it will finally show the world his true talent as an artist. In fact, he said he’s hoping to be able to work with Jim Jones, DJ Clue, Miller and anyone else who might have samples of Stack Bundles’ music.
“The things that stood out about him were his swag and his work ethic,” King Baby Don said. “His family was all talented musically, but there was just something about him that was extra driven, motivated and hungry. He was always striving and thinking out of the box with bigger ideas. And that showed through his heart and his music. Everyone who knew him in the industry said the same thing: He was poised for some big things.”

To follow the development of the Stack Bundles tribute album and film projects, please visit:
Facebook: Stack Bundles
Facebook: King Baby Don

Stream Mr. Red – Expensive Taste on Spotify!! As many of you already know Chicago artist  Mr. Red  also known as Mr. Red Ceo released...

As many of you already know Chicago artist Mr. Red also known as Mr. Red Ceo released his latest mixtape, “Expensive Taste,” hosted by DJ Smoke on 4/11/2018. This project has a strong sense of the ’90s merged with the current trappy sound of 2018. With more than 50K streams in the first week Mr. Red is making some noise!! We await what the future brings, as we strive for success.
When asked to describe the overall themes of this mixtape Mr. Red writes, “The message that I want my listeners to get from my music is how get money and live good, and not only just listen, but visualize the picture that I’m trying to paint with my words.”
“Expensive Taste” is the most recent addition to Mr. Red’s discography which includes the singles “Rich Niggaz”, “Purple Dreams”, “I’m a O.G. F/ King Louie,” which charted in the Top 200, and “Plug f/ Scotty,” as well as a 2015 mixtape, “Mr. Red the O.G., Hosted by DJ Holiday.”
Stay in tune by following Mr. Red on Twitter and Instagram below!
Twitter: @MrREDceo Instagram: @MrREDceo

‘BirthMarKc’ sets a new standard in sound and style for Dallas-based rapper Keed Tha Heater DALLAS, TX – There’s always something ref...

‘BirthMarKc’ sets a new standard in sound and style for
Dallas-based rapper Keed Tha Heater
DALLAS, TX – There’s always something refreshing about an artist who feels comfortable in his own skin. At a time when there’s a blur between creativity and mediocrity, rapper Keed Tha Heater is redefining hip-hop with authenticity. True to his name, he spits fire with his lyrics and is one of the hottest artists on the rise throughout the country. Keed is set to launch the third album in a three-album trilogy.
The first was a project launched in 2011 called “Ultrasound.” It was a project that he started at the very beginning of his career, before he had any children. As he was looking for a name for that debut album, his girlfriend at the time told him she was pregnant – and the idea of the metaphor of an ultrasound seemed obvious to him. Practically, it was something that allowed a person to see the gender of the baby and prepare for what’s coming, and metaphorically he wanted the name to indicate the same things about his music. The project therefore showcased all types of his sounds – from serious to street to party to Atlanta-based Trap.
Keed followed that up with the album “Contractions,” which he launched a year later in 2012. Having established metaphors around the phases of pregnancy, it seemed obvious that his second album – which was more introspective and gave fans an inside peek to the grittier, darker pain of making the album – should be called something that would be analogous to that pain.

His third album, which is currently available for download across all digital platforms, is the culmination of the journey he started six years ago and is, in his opinion, the birth of something new. The album is therefore entitled, “E16HT: BirthMarKc.”
“Aug. 16 is my birthday and I’m from Kansas City, where the area code is 816,” Keed said of the title of the album. “And this is the birthmark – the day that new music is born. It took me this long to do this because I really wanted to put it out on a higher level. And honestly, I thought by this time that I’d be signed and would get a deal and do it real big. But life has obstacles and paths that you have to go through that aren’t what you plan. I came to a point where I was fighting between music and family and trying to balance both and just always frustrated. I didn’t even know if I was gonna do music again because of all the sacrifices it takes to get the notoriety I wanted. But I decided before I write it off, I was gonna finish the trilogy. I decided to just let it flow and not think too hard about it. And since I’ve been in Dallas, everything has kind of changed for me – my style and energy is different. Where I’m from in Kansas City is real serious and gritty, but here, there’s a different energy – it’s more party and upbeat. I’m in a happier place than I was back then. It’s a new me, and this album reflects that.”
Keed referred to the album as “more bouncy and up-tempo” than any of his previous work, and it serves as a display of all the “unique-ness” that makes him different than anyone else in the game.
To listen to Keed Tha Heater’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit: