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Clean cut rapper uses success to give back to the community AZ – Khaba is an Egyptian name that means “body and soul.” That’s an refle...

Clean cut rapper uses success to give back to the community
AZ – Khaba is an Egyptian name that means “body and soul.” That’s an reflection of the kind of transparent music that Arizona-based artist God Khaba creates. He’s a soulful being, and he is all about engaging and bringing people together through his music which purpose is to help create a more positive balance in the hip hop world.
Born Charles Berry and raised on the south side of the Englewood neighborhood in Chicago, God Khaba is one of those rare artists who uses his success in life to give back to others. After serving for years in the U.S. Air Force – including a stint overseas – he returned to Chicago and co-founded the nonprofit organization Future Network, which helps those less fortunate in his home neighborhood of Englewood. He also helped create a community association, and served as a co-field director for one of the city’s Alderman. Over the years he has become active in Chicago, and his music is a reflection of the kind of man he aspires to be.
“My style is authentic and really a reflection of different aspects of my personality” he said. “My delivery and wordplay and subject matter all sets me apart. I literally don’t rap about anything false or that I haven’t experienced or don’t know. My perspective is different. My image is authentic, very clean-cut, and fashionable. My message, as far as music is concerned, is to bring a more positive balance to hip hop music. I know the way I sound and the way I deliver is relevant.”
God Khaba has a new single called “Saucey” that is now available on all digital distribution sites. It’s a song that he said came about very spontaneously, after he went into the studio to edit one of his music videos and ended up writing, recording, mixing and mastering this new song all in less than two hours. It’s a song that he said talks about success in life, with “Saucey” serving as a metaphor for his authentic image and sound. It’s a song that is aimed for the real hip hop listeners who don’t know G Khaba and that he’s good at what he does, and  don’t know that besides a veteran and community background he has an urban casual blend to his style, as well.
He’s following the “Saucey” single with another single called “Goofy Clone,” which he said is a track intended to call out all the cookie-cutters or copycats out there who have an image and or sound that is purposely intended to be like all of the trendsetters they idolize.
“I see a lot of people who are basically clones of other individuals,” he said. “They’re taking what other people are doing and incorporating it into their own image. It’s just the same thing over and over again. Everything I talk about, I actually experienced. I was born and raised around violence and drugs. I could talk about it, because I did experience it, but I don’t promote that image. It’s already enough of it in this world. When you promote a cookie-cutter image, what you’re really conveying is that you’re a goofy clone.”
God Khaba said the song has a serious humor to it, and is somewhat aggressive. Both the hook is humorous and catchy, he said – something that is consistent in all of his music.

Amna explores hope in the midst of pain with new project ‘Pain & Hope’ HOUSTON, TX – Life is a struggle sometimes. And sometimes y...

Amna explores hope in the midst of pain with new project ‘Pain & Hope’
HOUSTON, TX – Life is a struggle sometimes. And sometimes you have to go through painful trials to get to the next level. Houston-based artist Amna knows all about pain, but the purpose of her music is not to wallow in misery with anyone who listens. On the contrary, the purpose of her music is to give people hope in whatever situation they’re going through.
This is the sentiment she hopes to capture with her new mixtape “Pain & Hope,” which is slated to drop in early 2019. It’s a project that encapsulates the pain she’s gone through while also projecting the hope she’s clung to every step of the way through her life’s journey.
“My songs are very emotional and very vulnerable in terms of how authentic I am and how real my lyrics are as far as what I have lived and gone through,” Amna said. “I’m an emotional person in my day-to-day life, but I only write when I’m feeling down and sad, or faced with hardships. My pain forces me to pick up a pen and write. All of my songs are full of pain, but also a glimpse hope. That’s what I think separates me a lot. I talk about real-life stuff, and I think people like to listen because it has a real-life message that helps them get through their hardship. I feel like it’s my purpose God has given me – a gift to write in a unique way. I can reach other people who go through the same stuff I’ve gone through and hope it touches people’s lives and help them overcome whatever they may be facing. I want them to know there is more to life than pain, and you have to press through the pain.
Amna is originally from Kuwait and was born during the Persian Gulf War in 1989. Her family ended up having to move to Canada due to the dangers of the war zone. When she was 4 years old she had a difficult time breathing and had a surgical procedure done on her nose. While they were doing the surgery, an accident with burning acid left her with a permanent scar for life. The need for more surgery after that eventually brought her family to the United States, which is where she fell in love with hip-hop and rap. She didn’t take music as a career seriously, however, until the passing of her best friend in college.
“When I went to college on I was on my own, and I was really struggling with my purpose and what I was on this Earth for,” Amna said. “My friend and I we would always talk about life, spiritual stuff and share our struggles with each other. It really opened my eyes and made me realize I can’t do this stuff on my own. I need to turn to God for help. Couple years after that my friend passed away. It hit me hard. It left so much pain inside of me, and I was already going through so much with faith, loneliness, depression, betrayal, and school – it hit me all at once. I didn’t have anybody to talk to because my closest friend was the only one I talked to about real-life stuff. But he was the one who always pushed me to get all this out of me. I was so lonely, but I remembered what he said so I picked up a pen and God really pushed me to write. It started with poetry and slowly became songs, and it gave me a new meaning to live. God showed me that I have to go on living despite the pain inside of me. The more that I wrote; the more that I shared with others, the more positive feedback I received about my music and It motivated me to keep going.”
The first single off her forthcoming mixtape, “I Am Trying,” is set to drop on Nov. 8 It’s a song that emphasizes the steps she’s taking, day-by-day, to get through the pain and pursue the hope that is before her. As she said, “I’m still trying and still looking at God for hope. I never had an easy life, but I can still make something good out of my life. God has given me a gift to write songs, and that’s my purpose in life. I want everybody to know everybody has a purpose and usually that purpose is found in the midst of pain”

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Js4real inspires others to chase their dreams with new album Can’t Stop Dreaming’ LAWRENCE, KS – If your dream doesn’t scare you, it i...

Js4real inspires others to chase their dreams with new album Can’t Stop Dreaming’
LAWRENCE, KS – If your dream doesn’t scare you, it isn’t big enough. This is the life motto of Joseph Schmidtberger, and it’s the foundation for all of the music he creates under the stage name Js4real. The California-born, Kansas-based rapper and musician has been quietly chasing his big dreams for years, but it wasn’t until a year ago that he fully embraced the scary parts and dove head-first into making music a full-time career.
His new album, “Can’t Stop Dreaming,” which was released on all digital distribution sites on Oct. 25, is the culmination of that hard work. It’s a project that reflects his passion for making music – something that he said has come to consume everything he does.
“Music is everything I’m thinking about, and I’m constantly picturing my dreams and where I want to be,” he said. “This project revolves around that drive and that picture of where I want to be. It has chill vibes and hype vibes and overall a lot of different feelings because I was writing to how I was feeling at specific times. So it kind of has a little bit of everything. But I want people to know that my music has substance and that I will always advocate for people to follow their dreams and not just get sucked into what society thinks they should be or do.”
Out of that idea, Js4real created a new brand he’s calling dreams4ever. His music, apparel, and various other entertainment endeavors will live under that brand and reinforce the idea of following your dreams. It’s quite a scary proposition to build a new business, especially for someone who wasn’t sure music was something he should take seriously until about two years ago when he and a friend started creating songs just for the fun of it.
“I was hesitant at first, but I agreed,” he said. “We were both terrible and decided to stop a month in because we weren’t good at all and everyone hated our music. About a week after we had decided to stop I heard a beat on YouTube and just felt a need to write. I realized at that point I really did enjoy making music, so for the next eight months I continually put out music that nobody liked. About 10 months in I finally made a song people enjoyed and listened to. After that I decided I needed to find a real studio to record in, and now I know that there’s nothing I want more than to become a successful artist and do what everyone thought was impossible.”

To listen to Js4Real’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit Js4real’s website below
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Iowa artist Buck City drops some new heat right after his “Versatile” project. Buck City sent over a visual for his single “Wi...

Oldest Youngan brings first-class entertainment with new EP ‘Overlooked’ BRONX, NY – If New York City was a person, O.Y. would be tha...

Oldest Youngan brings first-class entertainment with new EP ‘Overlooked’
BRONX, NY – If New York City was a person, O.Y. would be that personification. Being able to capture the very essence of hip-hop is rare, but from the perspective of this Bronx, New York Native, it is second nature and somewhat organic.
“People automatically know where I’m from when they hear my music or see me perform,” said the fast-rising artist with a thick Bronx accent. “I guess I got that aura. Usually people tell me I don’t sound like nobody else. I got that classic sound, and once you hear me you don’t forget. I stand out. It really works in my favor. At this point, I’m so polished, as soon as you hear the first
couple of joints, I got you and that’s it.”
His very name, O.Y., further emphasizes his take on music. It stands for Oldest Youngan, which he said describes a musician with an old soul and a young spirit. His music is refreshing, with a common theme that touches on his old soul and young spirit at various times. Growing up in the Bronx, he couldn’t help but become infatuated with hip-hop. It was something everybody in his neighborhood was doing, and it dictated how he perceived the world. It also helped that his family was tied to the music industry, especially with his Uncle Rob lending his talents to the early development of Rap as a genre.
Today O.Y. has combined all of those influences and experiences to launch new music that is lighting up the airwaves all along the East Coast. His EP, “Overlooked,” has some amazing features from notorious artists, and includes eight songs that are all home runs. One song features Jermaine Paul, the season one winner of NBC’s hit show “The Voice.” Another song, “Party All Weekend,” features Robbie Nova, who is in heavy rotation on a lot of radio stations. It’s a song that O.Y. said is perfect for the radio and for the holidays, as people can enjoy it at parties or at the club over vacation.
“It’s a big record and we really hit this one out,” he said. “I think people can listen to it and feed off (Nova’s) energy and couple it with the energy we’re bringing. The whole project has a wavy sound that people are going to love. It’s New York, but everybody can really rap with it because it’s wavy enough to touch everybody. And it’s just good, quality music. Really five out of the eight songs could be debut singles because they’re all that good. It’s well-balanced. It’s like a 12-course meal.”
The EP comes from O.Y.’s independent label Everything First Class Entertainment. He said the company name is a reflection of the integrity and high-quality he and his team bring to every endeavor in the industry, and represents an attitude and work ethic that he embraces with every new endeavor.
“It really speaks to the quality of our character,” he said. “How you do one thing is how you do everything. If I have to mop the floor, I’m gonna mop the floor the best you’ve ever seen. If I’ve got to negotiate a $10 million deal, I’m gonna do it the best and make it an $11 million deal. And when you know that about what we do, then you can trust us when we say ‘We comin.’ Now is the perfect time for us to come out and do what we do.”
“Overlooked” is available on all platforms with the first single “Party All Weekend” ft Robbie Nova.

Jawny BadLuck melds multiple genres for truly original sound in new EP ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’ SAN DIEGO, CA – In today’s musical cli...

Jawny BadLuck melds multiple genres for truly original sound in new EP ‘Count Your Lucky Stars’
SAN DIEGO, CA – In today’s musical climate, it’s rare to come across an artist that is a hallmark of independence. San Diego-based artist Jawny BadLuck is that rarity.
Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Jawny comes from a long line of creators and musicians. Both of his parents did theater and aspired for the big stage on Broadway. Extended family members were musicians, especially as drummers and percussionists, and it was this combination of influences that eventually captivated Jawny and led to him becoming a drummer in several bands. Following in his family’s footsteps, he began a musical ascent that first started with his eclectic taste of rock, soul and punk but eventually manifested in a true passion for hip-hop.
“Although I grew up with rock and all the other genres my brother listened to, hip-hop was the only thing that spoke to what I was like – especially being rebellious,” he said. “I was into some bad decisions, using drugs and drug dealing and running with the wrong crowd, and that was the music that spoke to me more than anything. I always wanted to be a musician, and I felt like I could tell my story better through hip-hop.”
Jawny accredits Kottonmouth Kings as the group that influenced him the most and served as the impetus for him pursuing music as a full-time career. He saw them play live and immediately connected with “a bunch of rebellious white kids doing hip-hop that had a totally original sound & flavor.”
“They had a combination of talking about weed, social issues, and putting on an amazing show with all this energy and doing hip-hop with funk and punk rock and some soul – just a crazy eclectic mix that was all rooted in hip-hop,” Jawny said. “I remember thinking, ‘I will do whatever it takes to do that.’ I gotta give it up to them for igniting that spark in me to make the kind of music that I do.”
Today Jawny BadLuck is fully immersed in a career as a musician. His most recent offering to the world is an eight-song EP called “Count Your Lucky Stars.” It’s a “vibey hip-hop” project that he said will have a broad appeal. Some songs will have more of a dancehall feel, while others are firmly rooted in classical hip-hop rhythms and lyrics. But it’s a project that he said feels very cohesive and current.
“With this project I really wanted to just hit a broader audience and not be pigeonholed into just being a rapper,” he said. “I’m showing off my voice. I’m giving you R&B and some of that Top 40 feel. And of course I’m giving you hip-hop delivery.”

At the end of the day Jawny said he hopes people will recognize his music as good vibes and feeling good despite the odds. He wants people to be able to listen to his music anywhere – the gym, heading to class, cruising in the car with friends. And he wants his music to promote positivity through all walks of life.
“I’m creating music that should be an inspiration in the sense you can do anything you want, no matter where you come from,” he said. “You literally can have anything you want if you learn how to control your mindset – and always take the good from the bad. So my music is about feeling good, being stoked on this one life we get to live, and is laced with emotional depth and feelings that we all go through as human beings. At the end of the day, I just wanna uplift people at their worst & turn the f**k up at their best.”

Submuzik Boss – Pull up ft Mikey100k & Kgutta Milwaukee’a own  Submuzik Boss   is back with a new record  titled “Pull up”. Pull...

Submuzik Boss – Pull up ft Mikey100k & Kgutta
Milwaukee’a own Submuzik Boss is back with a new record titled “Pull up”. Pull Up is the first single from his “Dope Vibes” project, which was released in August. You may remember SubMuzik Boss from his previous single “@MyExBitch” ft BE. T
Pull up is a collaboration track with Mikey 100K and K-Gutta. This track has Vyruz on the production, and it can be streamed on Spotify, or any streaming service you like. Stream “Pull up” below, and feel free to drop a comment to let us know what you think of this record.
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Twitter @submuzikboss | IG @submuzik | Facebook @submuzikboss | Snapchat @submuzikboss

Additional: Travis Marshall (SubMuzik boss) grew up on the east side of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Travis started producing music at the age of 8, he began rapping & singing at 15, when he finally took his career seriously.
Within the year, Travis had reached people from all over, and people were coming into the realization of who Submuzik Boss really is. His current single “Pull Up” featuring Mikey 100k and KGutta is available on YouTube, and all streaming services. With 11k plus views and growing at a steady pace everyday, Travis is now working on a project called dope vibes. Be on the lookout for the upcoming single “Good Feeling” produced by Derelle Rideout.
Stream SubMuzik Boss – Pull up ft Mikey100k & Kgutta on these awesome playlists!!