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The Mr. Everythang offers out-of-the-box sound to a world desperate for originality DESTIN, FL & LAS VEGAS, NV – Asar-Dyeh Yates i...

The Mr. Everythang offers out-of-the-box sound to a world desperate for originality
DESTIN, FL & LAS VEGAS, NV – Asar-Dyeh Yates is a firm believer that you can’t put art in a box. When a person starts to categorize art, they’re immediately limiting the impact that art can have. And if there’s anything Asar-Dyeh hates in life, it’s limitations.
It should come as no surprise, then, that he has adopted the stage name The Mr. Everythang, nor that his sound and style embraces multiple genres for an art form that is truly original. He’s a singer, rapper, writer, and artist in all its forms. And his new music from the debut album “The Advent” is a testament to the kind of genre-breaking sound he wants to introduce to the world.
“You can’t put art in a box,” he said. “A box is what you put people in when they die – a coffin. I really just want to be known as a person who wanted to create, and whose life wasn’t dictated by the confines or labels that people try to place on others. That’s why I’ve always been The Mr. Everythang. And that’s true of everything in my life. I have a bachelor’s degree in micro and molecular biology, I’m a straight male model, I’m a  certified personal trainer, I breed show quality dogs, remodel houses, I’m a certified master grower of cannabis, I’ve done professional football combines, and I’m certified in these streets. And a big part of who I am is this music that’s in me. It’s always been there, now is the time to share it with the world.”
Mr. Everythang said pursuing music professionally wasn’t always his ambition. In fact, it was something far from the top of his priority list. Though he grew up around music all his life – his uncle was a popular Blues musician named Johnny Shaw – he never felt a great desire to make music himself. But when his uncle passed in May of 2018, Mr. Everythang said that the spirit that was in his uncle for doing music jumped into him.
“As soon as he passed away I was in the studio recording,” he said. “This year I’m planning on releasing two more albums, with ‘The Advent’ being the first one of the trilogy. It’s the beginning of the storyline that will play out across all three albums. And on this one there’s a broad range of songs that are basically an introduction of who I am and what my music is about.”
On the debut album are singles such as “Grand Piano,” for which he shot a music video inside Aria in Las Vegas to play on the definition, and “Rain Dance,” which has an esoteric feel in its efforts to pay homage to exotic dancers while honoring the ancestors who danced for rain.
There’s also “Heaven,” which features Ralo Tha Pimp in a song about living the life every man should be – experiencing Heaven right here on Earth now without having to die to get there. Other singles on the album include “Who?!,” featuring Philthy Rich, and “All I Ever Wanted,” which is a love song dedicated to the ladies on which Mr. Everythang shows off his talented vocals.
He plans to release the follow-up album, “No Friends, No Features,” on the first day of Spring on March 20. That album will deal more with the haters in his life and the efforts he’s taken to prove that he has what it takes to be an artist worth recognizing in today’s crowded industry.
He’ll finish the trilogy with the release of the third album, “My Last Words,” on his solar return of Aug. 28.
In addition to the albums, Mr. Everythang said he’ll be releasing limited edition singles on his website, and has plans to perform live at various venues across the country throughout the year. Most recently he performed at DJ Demp’s “DEMP WEEK” in Tallahassee, which headlined Young Jeezy!

Pittsburgh-based artist Cherry fuses multiple genres in an effort to discover ‘Lost’ sounds PITTSBURGH, PA – Harry Lebovitz – better k...

Pittsburgh-based artist Cherry fuses multiple genres in
an effort to discover ‘Lost’ sounds
PITTSBURGH, PA – Harry Lebovitz – better known by his stage name Cherry – is a fast-rising artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who recently released his debut EP “Lost.” The five-track project resonates a variety of different sounds through different vibes for an overall pop/rap fusion that incorporates EDM and rock in various stages.
“I’m engineering a new wave of music,” Cherry said. “It’s melodic with a darker twist while still staying upbeat – and I’m using genres that incorporate hip-hop and pop. There’s a versatile mix to it that should still feel somewhat familiar. That’s what the title ‘Lost’ is all about – it’s rediscovering that lost sound, whatever that lost sound means for you.”
The idea of “lost sound” is a philosophy that Cherry said he’s been developing his whole life. While dealing with his own personal demons, he discovered that even if he feels down he can still find happiness through any vibe or mood of his life. The philosophy, therefore, incorporates stoicism and the idea of following one’s heart and dreams in an effort to accomplish what’s possible in life.
“Just keep developing and keep finding lost sounds,” he said. “That’s what the whole philosophy is about, and that’s what my music is about. It’s something that I feel like is gonna be huge in the music industry coming up.”
Two singles from “Lost” illustrate this idea especially well. The first is a song called “Alone,” which is a pop song with a darker vibe. It tells the tale of a guy at a party who dreams of walking away from everything and moving on to bigger and better things. Those thoughts dominate his mind and keep him from focusing on the things in front of him – whether that be school or work or relationships or whatever. And the more he expresses those dreams to those he’s closest to, the more they tell him to ignore his dreams – meaning he feels alone in life.
The second single is a song called “Rainy Days,” and is born from the emotional trauma Cherry deals with from broken previous relationships.
“I view this as art therapy,” he said of writing the song. “It’s a song that really comes out well when you want to just scream out to the world all the pain you have built up inside you. It’s a song about getting that darkness out with the relationships I’ve had. Anyone hearing that track can really turn it up and get the emotions out.”
Cherry said “Lost” is a great example of the journey he’s taken through the years and the unique sound and style he’s developed along the way. His sound is different, he said, because it incorporates melodies, rap and a lot of different genres and vibes.
Cherry said fans can look forward to a follow-up to “Lost” with a second EP called “Found” that should drop later this year.

Durt Boi mixes up good vibes with hot new single ‘Trippin’ MEMPHIS, TN – Durt Boi is one of those rare artists that you just can’t pu...

Durt Boi mixes up good vibes with hot new single ‘Trippin’
MEMPHIS, TN – Durt Boi is one of those rare artists that you just can’t put into a box. The Memphis, Tennessee native is a musician with so many different sounds. He’s fun. He’s cool. He’s smooth. He’s edgy. In one song he might sing a love ballad, while on another he might drop a trap song, and yet another might be a booty-shaking song ready made for the clubs.
He’s like a science project – whatever he’s mixing up in a beaker is what comes out through his natural gift of songwriting. And the end result is a musician unlike anyone else in the game today.
Those unique sounds and styles are put on full display with Durt Boi’s new single, “Trippin.” Having developed a reputation and an energetic performer, “Trippin” shows off that high-powered energy in a fun and catchy way. It’s a song that encapsulates Durt Boi’s nonchalant attitude and swag – he’s not trippin off anything going on because he’s just focused on what he’s doing and trying to get ahead.
“I thought it would be cool to take that idea and talk about how people trip out on everyday stuff,” he said. “People might do stuff that ain’t cool, but I’m so cool I’m not even messed up about it. I’m still moving and grinding; I’m not trippin off it. Whether it’s something someone posted on Instagram, or something I went through during the day – whatever it is, I ain’t even trippin about it. If I can make it comical, I try to do that. Even if it’s something personal to me, I’m not trippin.”
Durt Boi said part of what makes the song so catchy is the intoxicating beat, which he said is “trapped out but with a little bounce to it.” It’s a song that’s not too fast and not too slow – just perfectly sitting in that lane that makes people have to move when they hear it. And it features a couple of unique sounds that stick out to people in ways that have them repeating the sound long after they heard the song. And though it’s a song with a simpler message than a lot of his other music, Durt Boi said he’s proud of the songwriting and lyrics.
“This is one that I just stayed with the flow and kept it simple without trying to over-think it,” he said. “I just ride with the beat. And that’s true to who I am. I’m an artist who is full of energy – I’m in your face with it. I’m Durt Boi. I come from nothing and I’ve got a gritty past, but I still take my music so seriously. I’m big on lyrics and wordplay. So you could say I’m an energetic, aggressive type of artist who is aware of everything going on around me and who considers himself a lyricist.”
Growing up in the Riverside community of South Memphis, Durt Boi said a lot of his grit comes from the lessons he learned from the rough part of town. But after spending time in the military, he said his life has turned around and he’s anxious to see how music can lead him to a better walk of life.

Louisiana native aims to emulate Chris Brown as America’s next diverse entertainer ZACHARY, LA – Jamie Johnson is a young sensation wh...

Louisiana native aims to emulate Chris Brown
as America’s next diverse entertainer
ZACHARY, LA – Jamie Johnson is a young sensation whose music is about to make a giant leap across the U.S. While attending the University of Lafayette for a semester, this Louisiana-native made a name for himself on campus as one of the most diverse dancers to attend the school. In his neck of the woods, there’s a style of dancing called Jigging that he had perfected, and when he brought it to UL it made a splash with his classmates. That splash turned into big ripples when someone gave him the nickname Jiggarobix. He loved it so much that he embraced the name as a stage name, and decided to pursue music professionally.
Today, Jiggarobix has taken that notoriety and parlayed it into a budding music career that he hopes will eventually see his name in places all over the world. His goal is to use the strong foundation of his dance training as the building blocks to multiple disciplines within the entertainment industry. The artist he points to as a great example of his own goals is Chris Brown, who is not only known as a great singer but also an amazing dancer and actor.
“My favorite artist of all time has always been Chris Brown,” Jiggarobix said. “I’ve been watching him for a while and the way he’s so multi-talented. That’s what I’ve been striving for – to be an all-around artist instead of someone who just stands on stage and sings. I want to be known for someone who comes with a different sound in each song that he makes. I want to be known as someone who can do it all in terms of music.”
Toward that end, Jiggarobix said he has worked hard at perfecting multiple styles and genres. In one song he might bring a more trap-forward sound and style – similar to the sound of Migos – while on another song he might show off his ability to rap as many as 11 syllables per second – similar to Eminem. Sometimes he’ll make a song that sounds more like Post Mallone, and sometimes he’ll dip into pop and sing in an effort to pay homage to another of his favorite artists, Michael Jackson.
“I can do pretty much everything when it comes to music,” he said. “I have a new creative mindset that I’m looking to bring to the ears of music fans.”
Already this winter he has released the single “Life So Hard,” which is a laid-back vibe that tells  the story of a mother waking up and realizing her child never made it home. She sees his face on the news and realizes he’s been shot and killed. From there the song goes over a timeline of different situations that people can get themselves into – from being locked up in jail, to addicted to drugs, and more.
Jiggarobix said the song has a very August Alsina vibe to it. He’s following that up with the release of another single, “32 Degrees,” before the end of the year. It’s more of a rap-style vibe that he likens to Migos. The title of the song is a metaphor for jewelry, and Jiggarobix said it’s more of an upbeat song that showcases his ability to both rap and sing.
Jiggarobix said he plans to release more singles over the course of the next few months as he
builds toward a full album. To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Korean-American rapper Nyukyung creates music for all emotions TACOMA, WA – James Pak has always been a big dream chaser. The Korean...

Korean-American rapper Nyukyung creates music for all emotions
TACOMA, WA – James Pak has always been a big dream chaser. The Korean-American from Tacoma, Washington, has chased those dreams in a variety of ways over the years – from academics to athletics and now with music. As he nears the end of his collegiate career – where he has played football at Simon Frasier University the entire time – he is ready to shift his focus full-time to the one true passion that has filled his life from day one: music.
Adopting the stage name Nyukyung (pronounced No-gyung) – which is the Korean name given to him by his mother to remind him of his heritage – he is set to release a number of new tracks over the next few months. And through all of his new music he said fans can expect to hear about the struggles he faced growing up and vivid details about his current journey.
“I grew up being an Asian-American, and where I was from it wasn’t very common for someone like me to rap or play football,” Nyukyung said. “I never paid the haters much mind, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve felt more and more like I should embrace my culture and break through any racial boundaries. So that’s what I’m doing, and along the way I’m talking about my path as a young visionary and the steps I am taking to get to the next level”
Nyukyung said he’s real big on making music that hits the emotions and connects at a heart level with people. Toward that end he wants to “Keep it real,” while also having songs that pop and are catchy. He said he promises to always bring a sound that is crisp and features high-quality content.
“I want you to feel something when you listen to my music,” he said. “I have songs for every emotion. No matter what it is, you’ll be able to confidently listen to my music and know it’s going to be high quality and completely honest. I want you as the listener to be a part of my journey as I find myself and develop as an artist”.
Nyukyung said he’s using the same drive that earned him a free college education through a full-ride football scholarship to change the music industry with his unique sound. He proved the world wrong when they said he’d never play college football and now he’s ready to prove the world wrong again when they say he’ll never become a major artist in this oversaturated industry.
He has a new album that he released earlier this year called “Resume,” which features his variety of sounds and styles in a way that blends well together. He is currently preparing for the release of his new single “Real One” which will be released on all streaming platforms December 22 nd along with a music video. According to Nyukyung the song has a “real west coast vibe” and believes that people will have a lot of fun listening to it.
In only a short period of time, Nyukyung has been getting some major attention from radio stations and DJs in the Northwest. He credits DJ SupaSam from Kube 93 out of Seattle for serving as a mentor and helping propel him to the next level. Some other notable accomplishments that Nyukyung has achieved throughout his career include gaining the approval and support of major producers such as Chase “Cha Cha” Malone from AOMG records and The Legion who has worked with artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Beyonce, and J. Cole. Nyukyung has also worked with top Grammy nominated engineers such as Beau Vallis and most recently was given the opportunity to work on beats produced by Cozmo, Wiz Khalifa’s personal producer.
Nyukyung is currently sponsored by The Kings of Hustle which is an up and coming clothing brand located in Canada created by two CFL twin brothers Jordan and Justin Herdman. In addition to this, Nyukyung has been contacted by several big-name YouTube channels such as Nick Wright Bodybuilding in hopes of using his music on their platforms to help promote their brands.
To listen to Nyukyung’s music or to follow him on social media, please visit:

Dj Smoke is ending the year how he started the year off, with a bang!  This mixtape is packed with a bunch of dope new music for the ...

Dj Smoke is ending the year how he started the year off, with a bang! This mixtape is packed with a bunch of dope new music for the streets!!

Stream and download "Dj Smoke and Cashville Rob presents: Young And Paid hosted by Kevin Gates" on Livemixtapes today! 

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Jastin Artis kick-starts hip-hop renaissance with new album ‘The Separation’ WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to the organization, Nation...

Jastin Artis kick-starts hip-hop renaissance
with new album ‘The Separation’
WASHINGTON, D.C. – According to the organization, National Kids Count approximately 35
percent of children under the age of 18 live in single-parent homes in the United States. As many as 25 percent of children live with their mothers only and that’s more than 18 million children who don’t live with a father figure. By comparison, father-only households make up only 8 percent.
Jastin Artis is on a mission to change those stats. As a father currently in the midst of a custody battle with his ex-wife, he knows all the struggles that single fathers go through to be able to have valuable, quality time with their children. And while he shakes his head in shame at those fathers who walk away from their responsibilities as parents and leave mothers to raise children on their own, he feels a righteous anger for all those fathers who want to have a role in their children’s lives and aren’t allowed to because of the nature of the “system.”
His new album, “The Separation,” is a project dedicated to changing this dynamic in America. Not only is it a project that chronicles his recent experiences, but it’s also a deeply inspirational album filled with music and lyrics that make listeners perk up and pay attention.
“This is a significant album for me,” he said. “It was born from a broken marriage and the pain of that, and the love and joys of parenthood. It tackles things like fighting parent alienation due to what happened in my marriage, and the injustice of trying to be a dad and not being able to. There are all types of things people are fighting for and trying to bring awareness to, and I decided to do my fighting through my music. It’s really significant to me to get awareness for this. When you see this album you see a young black male trying to be positive about the greatest relationship you can have – a marriage – and it didn’t go right. But I’m pushing through and found new love as I try to be with my son. And along the way I think people will find more to what ‘The Separation’ means to them and how it applies to their own lives.”
Artis is a new artist whose brand of music fuses Gospel, acoustic and electric guitars, and spoken-word to give a new wave in typical hip-hop music. In a lot of ways he’s the bridge between genres that music fans didn’t even know they were looking for. But once you hear his unique sound and style it’s impossible to turn away. In fact, it’s more likely you’ll be hitting repeat as you get sucked into his songs by his musicality and pulled deeper by his insightful lyrics.
Take his debut single, for instance. “Never Will” is a song that has layers of sound with a catchy beat that drives and moves the listener forward. Almost immediately you get stuck in the groove and can’t let go – not that you want to – and somewhere along the way you realize that his delivery is catchy. That’s an over-used term, but in Artis’ case it’s the perfect word to describe what’s going on with his music. When you hear the way he delivers his lyrics across his high-quality music, it catches your attention. And once he has your attention, he hits you with deep lyrics and high-quality instrumentation and first-class production for a sound that is truly original. It’s hip-hop renaissance.
“As an artist I’m a different brand of hip-hop,” he said. “People need to know I exist. Music is the thing that saved my life. If I didn’t have music, I don’t know how I’d be able to live every day. I want to give that to other people. Any song I do I give people a real truth that maybe they’ve never heard before, or at least not in a way that I’m putting it. Then I go deep. I don’t make surface music. I want to elevate people and help them grow and figure some things out. Come to me and we can figure out that pain and our lives together.”
As Artis continues to produce music and release it to the world, he said he hopes to create a movement behind his cause. He’s even coined the phrase “The Separation Movement,” with the hopes that others will join the cause. More than anything he wants to shine a spotlight on the injustice of it all, and get more people engaged in affecting positive change in the world. “It’s more than music, it’s a movement.”
Jastin Artis will be performing LIVE on Jan. 13 at the Pure Lounge in Washington D.C. Tickets are available at www.aftonshows.com/jastinartis
Jastin Artis’ music is currently available across all digital distribution outlets. To listen to his
music, or to follow him on social media, please visit:
Website: justapuppet.com/tsm
BLOG: amanelevated.blogspot.com
Facebook: facebook.com/separationmovement/
Twitter: twitter.com/jastinartis
Instagram: instagram.com/jastinartis
YouTube: Youtube.com/jartisproject
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/jastin-artis
LinkedIn: Linkedin.com/in/jastinartis