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Jmack "Tha Hustler" & Big Menace - Who Am I | @MaJictouchpro

Louisiana duo come together to create original new sound
with album ‘Hot Off The Press’
ALEXANDRIA, LA – JMack “Tha Hustler” and Big Menace “The Artist” are  two musicians signed to JMack’s independent label MaJic Touch  productions who have come together to create a new sound that they say is changing the industry.
For years, JMack has worked as an audio engineer and beat maker for other artists, working hard behind the scenes to bring good music to and industry that he says very often produces a cookie-cutter sound. After so many years creating music for other artists, he decided he wanted to create his own music, and he partnered with his friend Big Menace to create something new and original.
“We both believe in putting music out that you can vibe to,” JMack said. “We paint pictures with our music and our stories. There’s no dictation to it. We’re in our own lane and we make music based on how we feel. It has a little bit of everything – from life issues that we’re dealing with personally to tackling bigger issues with things like politics. Whatever vibe or situation we’re feeling at the time, that’s how we come together with the music.”
JMack said that when he started his independent label, he put the word out that he was looking for good talent. His cousin is the one who brought Big Menace to the table. JMack said the two of them “sat down and  chopped it up and got a feel for each other,” and after listening to some of his music the decision to work together was a quick and easy one.
“He’s a very charismatic guy,” JMack said of Big Menace. “He’s funny and intellectual and he puts passion to his music. And he’s also very humble. It’s because of him that I’m here right now, and I think he’d pay me the same compliment. He’s become like my little brother. His ideas are ideas I feed off. Our chemistry is great and our music is off the chain.” Their first project together is an album called “Hot off the Press.” It features a handful of songs that they perform together, with a handful of songs that feature them each individually. True to his description of their diversity, the songs on the album explore a variety of topics. “Child Support Blues” deals with JMack’s issues with child support. “She Says” is a song about love issues that Big Menace has had to navigate. “Who Am I?” is a statement song that the two use to announce to the world that they’re here to stay.
“There are a variety of different issues on the album,” JMack said. “It’s an album that’ll make you have fun and laugh and make you think. It touches on a lot of basic issues and gives you a mixture of different vibes. I think it’s one of those albums that you can pop that bad boy on from the beginning and you can go with it until the end. It takes you on that roller coaster ride– ups and downs and high points and low points and comedic events.”
“It’s an album about inspiring yourself to be creative,” Big Menace added. “You don’t have to be like anybody else. Break your chains. We’re here to stay and we’ve got our own style and we have our own way of doing things ourselves, and that’s what this project is about.”